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Foot Drop: Exercises & Tutorials to Improve Foot Drop

Foot Drop, a common symptom of almost all neurological conditions. We will break down this complex problem  and offer workouts & tutorials to challenge and empower you. Keep in mind these workouts are not one and done workouts, instead, they are designed to help you prevent and improve your systems with practice over time.

This week we recommend that you start with the intro video and Theraband tutorial, then move on the foot and ankle workouts.  Follow the order of workouts:

Week 1: Foot and Ankle 

    a) FD 1: Beginning at the Foot

    b) FD 2: Challenge the Foot 

    c) FD 3: Foot to Hip Connection

    d) FD 4: Coordinating Foot to Upper Limb

    e) Just Move Workout

Week 2: Hip Activation

    a) FD 5: Hip Activation

    b) FD 6: Foot to Hip Part 2

    c) FD 7: Intro to Reciprocal Movements

    d) FD 8: Intro to Primitive Movements

    e) Just Move Workout

Week 3: More than the foot

    a) FD 9: More tricks for Foot Drop

    b) FD 10: Hips Don't Lie!

    c) FD 11: Posterior Sling for the WIN!

    d) FD 12: Intro into Spinal Integration

    e) Just Move Workout

Week 4: Conquering Foot Drop

    a) FD 13: Challange the Foot and Hip in Multiple Positions

    b) FD 14: Cervical and Lumbar Spine Connection

    c) FD 15: More Exercises for the Feet

    d) FD 16: Improving your Foot to Hip Connection in Under 10 Minutes

    e) Just Move Workout

Week 4: Conquering Foot Drop

    a) FD 17: Improving your Bridge & Push-Off

    b) FD 18: Tricks for Standing Exercises

        c) FD 19: Intro to the Weight Shift

        d) FD 20: Standing Weight Shift     

        e) FD 21: Improving Spinal Rotation

        f) FD 22: Final Thoughts