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Spasticity: Exercises & Tutorials

Spasticity, which is a main cause of disability in many neurological conditions, is a tightening or stiffness of the muscle due to an involuntary increase in muscle tone and an exaggerated response to the muscle being stretched.

Spasticity can range from a mild feeling of constant tightness to severe uncontrollable spasms, which cause movement restrictions.  These restrictions can be painful and lead to less movement -->increase weakness--> increase spasticity.  It is a vicious cycle so join us today to focus on ways to help strengthen the body to decrease spasticity!

We recommend that you start with the intro video and then follow the order of workouts: 

    What is Spasticity?

    S 1: Releasing Calf Spasticity 

    S 2: Calf Spasticity Workout

    S 3: Releasing Spasticity of the Hip

    S 4: Hip Spasticity Workout 1 

    S 5: Releasing the Glutes & Pelvic Floor

    S 6: Exercise that Booty

    S 7: Meghann's Favorite Quick Hip and Glute Series

    S 8: Release & Activate the Forearms & Hands

    S 9: Decrease Spasticity in Stroke Affected Arm using Squats

    S 10: Decrease Spasticity in Stroke Affected Arm with a Theraband

    S 11: Releasing the Shoulder & Arm

    S 12: Shoulder Cuff Activation

    S 13: Release Your Back

    S 14: Get At Your Lats

    S 15: Spasticity's Effect on Posture

    S 16: Improving Posture Workout

    S 17: Spasticity's Effect on Balance

    S 18: Spasticity & Balance Workout

    S 20: Express Lower Body Mobility Workout

    S 21: Express Upper Body Mobility Workout

    S 22: On-the-Go Release of the Lower Leg

    S 23: On-the-Go Release of Hands & Forearms